GEAS Games run through both semesters of the University from September until May with a break over the Christmas period. If you are interested in joining please come along to any of the sessions and ask around for a GM who is still advertising spaces.

Games run in three time slots, Wednesday afternoons, Sunday Afternoons & Evenings. These occur in various rooms in the EUSA buildings, the locations will be posted on the main page or our facebook.
Games start in september each year, and renew every 6-8 weeks to allow players & GMs to change things up.

Autumn 2016 Rooms

Sunday afternoons 12:30 pm, Teviot Study.
Sunday Evenings 6:30, Teviot dining room.

Wednesdays are … complicated.
October 5th, we are homelesly wandering the Teviot.
From October 12th, we have space at the Kilderkin Pub. Though we can always try to use public space in the Teviot.

Games start 28th September and Sunday October 2nd.

Game re-starts (the best time to join, re-join or change or start games) on the 6th and 9th of November.…