Meet the Committee

So as well as the guests, traders, bloggers, blueshirts, demo teams, GM’s and tournament organizers, who can a Conpulsion goer expect to see at the convention? The Committee of course. This dedicated team of volunteers has been plotting and scheming since before the last convention to bring you Conpulsion Battlegrounds. We’ll introduce them to you one at a time.



Minister of Propaganda (Publicity Director) – Justin Matters

JMdiceJustin has been attending Conpulsion for many years, so many in fact that he has t-shirts older than some of our Blue-shirts. Until now he has never been on the committee, but he has run various events at Conpulsion and Read more

Convention Co-Director (Troubleshooter) – Euan Reid

Euan's profile picEuan has been convention Director for the past two years and has been involved with the committee since 2013.  He’s also been attending the convention GMing and being a Blueshirt at it since his student days . In fact we’ve Read more