GUEST: Gary Buckland

Gary is a first time guest for 2017!

In his own words…

I started gaming in 1984, having been introduced to it through Fighting Fantasy and the D&D Basic Red Box.
Within a year I’d discovered MERP and Traveller.

Displaying tumblr_oempvuQjwt1tt3zuyo1_500.jpgI’m a Fine Art graduate and have spent my adult life working in graphic design, the book trade and as an art tutor.

I’ve been providing illustrations and book covers for Cakebread & Walton for some years now and have recently become their third, in which capacity I am overseeing the layout and design of C&W publications.As well as some future writing and prodding the other two awake when needed.

Gary will be appearing on panels and enjoying his first Conpulsion.