We’re working hard behind the shield wall to bring you Artists, Authors, Games Designers, Games Publishers and representatives of major games companies.

We will be announcing our first confirmed guests over the next few weeks (one at a time to keep up the suspense).

If you are an Artist, Author, Games Designer, Games Publisher or work for a major games company and you would like to be a guest at Conpulsion, then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk about bringing you to our convention.


GUEST: Andy Law

Cartography: is it an art, a science, both? I don’t know, but I know a man who does.

He is map-maker extraordinary, Andy Law. Andy is a twenty-year veteran of the games industry. He has worked as an author, cartographer, … Read more

GUEST: Hugh Hancock

Returning for 2017!
Hi, I’m Hugh.
For years I made films like no-one else.
Now I make reality. Virtually.

Hugh Hancock is the founder of Strange Company and a prolific creator of film and digital content! Lately, he’s been experimenting … Read more

GUEST: Martin Page and Dawn Duellists

Returning for 2017!

Instructor Dragal fencing with sabre at a <abbr>DDS</abbr> wedding


Martin is a successful historical fantasy author who’ll be appearing on panels and talks over the weekend. He also happens to be a rather accomplished swordsman and president of  The Dawn Duellists Society! – A cadre … Read more

Faye Sutherland – Chief Griffinologist

Faye Demon GriffinFaye Sutherland has been the resident artist and chief griffinologist for the past two conventions and has provided the artwork for Conpulsion Innovation, Conpulsion Overboard and Conpulsion Underworld. This year we’ve finally persuaded her to talk about art and working … Read more