Sunday Afternoon RPGs

Running from 3pm-6pm. You are on the home stretch now. But don’t forget to attend the closing ceremony afterwards for awards, prize givings and maybe some last minute bargains!


Gods of Mars

Called to a dying planet, ravaged by conflict, your new, red-skinned body gives you the power to be a saviour or conqueror. Whichever you choose, the red sand before you offers promise of answers, action and adventure.

GM: Aaron Billingham… Read more

A Party Surprise

A mafia birthday party is gatecrashed, can the partygoers rescue the situation?

GM: Martin Pickett

System: D6 Adventure

Players: 2 – 4 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: PG

Time: Sunday Afternoon

Jake’s Jazz Bar, New York City, 1936.

Jake … Read more

Kaleidoscope – Saturday Afternoon

Gavin InglisCollectively remember an unwatchable foreign art house film recommended by an unreliable friend.

Players: 2-5 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: 15

Time: Saturday Afternoon

Jackson Tegu’s fun hack of the indie game Microscope. 2-5 players; run by Gavin InglisRead more

Pathfinder – Roleplaying Scenarios Announced

Pathfinder_RPGThe Scottish Pathfinder Society are coming to Conpulsion and running lots of scenarios for us. The following Pathfinder Games will be running, across five tables in the Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon slots. All tables will … Read more

I Love The Corps

all_gunsA role playing game of Military Action, Science and Horror… in SPACE!

GM: Christopher Dean

System: I Love The Corps!

Players: 3-6 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: 15

Time: Saturday Morning (10am – 1pm) and Sunday Afternoon 3pm to … Read more

The Concrete Jungle

A group of Mafia “debt collectors” in prohibition era New York bite off more than they can chew when they investigate attacks on the Dons operations.

GM: Angus McEwing

System: Homebrew

Players: 2-6 (pre-reg will available)

Age Rating: 15

Time: … Read more

Archangel Fall

Lucifer’s fall from grace is uncovered.

Now a team of scientists have gained access to the site and wish to uncover the truth about what transpired.

GM: Phil Harris

System: Homebrew

Players: 2-5 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: 18… Read more

The Tale of the Mermaid that swam up The Styx

The world we know has a secret world of supernatural beings living in the hidden places, this is a story from that Hidden World.

GM: Stephen McMorland

System: Worlds of Wordplay

Players: 3 – 5 (Preregistration allowed)

Age – 15+… Read more

Dark Predators

SciFi action in the vein of Akira and The Ghost in Shell. In a dystopian future arcology, street brats discover a terrible conspiracy. Anime, Henshin Heroes, Kaiju and Mecha. It’s Morphin’ Time!

GM: Simon Burley

System: The Code of Shōjo … Read more

Shadows Under Drakenhall

D&D style, high fantasy game

GM: Dan Marriott

System: 13th age

Players: 3-6 (pre-reg will not be available)

Age Rating: 12

Time: Sunday Afternoon (3pm to 6pm)

You are all characters who live and reside within Shadowport. The price of … Read more

Time Nazis Must Die

What’s worse than Nazis? Nazis with a stolen time machine that’s what!

GM: Simon Proctor

System: Timewatch

Players: 3-6 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: PG

Time: Saturday Afternoon (3pm to 6pm)

One of the most tedious and yet important … Read more

Pathfinder Organised Play and Demo Games

Pathfinder_RPGPlayed Pathfinder before? Great! Bring along your characters as we are going to have Pathfinder Society Organised Play at Conpulsion. Not played Pathfinder before? Still great! There will be demo games with pre-generated characters so that you can try it … Read more