Sunday Afternoon RPGs

Running from 3pm-6pm


Those Who Play

Those Who Play is a general system that can be used for any system or setting. Players will be taken through character creation and an adventure by the developer as an introduction to the system.

System: Homebrew
GM: Daniel Boyle… Read more

The Lost Island

Shipwrecked off the coast of Libya near Misrata several friends find themselves in a foreign land under the influence of strange people with German accents. Who are these Thule-Gesellschaft and the charismatic Herr Julius Eckart? Why are they diving off … Read more

Grey Dawn

They know everything about us, can see into our minds, can hear our thoughts. Stop them before they kill us all.

System: Homebrew
GM: Phil Harris
2-5 players
Age 18+… Read more

A Prayer for St Nazaire

March 1942: A small commando force are dropped behind enemy lines to silence a Nazi listening post in the Loire valley.

System: Achtung! Cthulhu (Savage Worlds)
GM: Bill Heron
4-6 players
Age 12+… Read more

Castle in the Sky

Studio Ghibli’s classic anime “Laputa – Castle in the Sky” is a work of great imagination and rare beauty. This reimagining using a brand new, lightweight, easy to learn, Steampunk system, is likely to be a lot more fun but … Read more

The Trials of the Monkey King

The Hidden have lived amongst the mundanes for millennia – Vampires, Weres, Magi, Divinities and others. They are protected and policed by The Custodae Obscura, potential recruits to this prestigious order must undergo trials which the incorrigible Monkey takes great … Read more

Red Shirts

Come work on a spaceship they said. See brave new worlds they said. Now you’re stuck on some hostile world where everything wants to kill you, trying to look after an away team that treat the whole thing like a … Read more

Vs Pirates

An increasing number of citizens of the Agatean Empire are insisting on visiting Angry Ghost Lands, such as the Unsupervised Brown Island Provinces, to the point where enterprising merchants have built great tourist junks to convey them thither in comfort. … Read more

PSI New York

The Psychic Scene Investigation team are the odd squad of the NYPD. They get all the odd cases and odd team members that no-one else wants or can handle. As a result, a suspected case of spontaneous human combustion is … Read more


What do a new drug, increased ghost sightings, and a change in spectre behaviour have in common? That’s what Orpheus have asked you to investigate.

System: Orpheus
GM: Phil Edwards
3-6 players
Age 18+… Read more

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