Sunday Afternoon RPGs

Running from 3pm-6pm. You are on the home stretch now. But don’t forget to attend the closing ceremony afterwards for awards, prize givings and maybe some last minute bargains!


Shadows Under Drakenhall

D&D style, high fantasy game

GM: Dan Marriott

System: 13th age

Players: 3-6 (pre-reg will not be available)

Age Rating: 12

Time: Sunday Afternoon (3pm to 6pm)

You are all characters who live and reside within Shadowport. The price of … Read more

Time Nazis Must Die

What’s worse than Nazis? Nazis with a stolen time machine that’s what!

GM: Simon Proctor

System: Timewatch

Players: 3-6 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: PG

Time: Saturday Afternoon (3pm to 6pm)

One of the most tedious and yet important … Read more

Pathfinder Organised Play and Demo Games

Pathfinder_RPGPlayed Pathfinder before? Great! Bring along your characters as we are going to have Pathfinder Society Organised Play at Conpulsion. Not played Pathfinder before? Still great! There will be demo games with pre-generated characters so that you can try it … Read more