Saturday Morning RPGs

Not to be confused with Saturday Morning Cartoons. Running from 10am-1pm, get your convention off to a fine start with our morning games slot.

Pre-Registration for games is available HERE.
The Frankenstein Front (One Dice WW1, 15+, 3-6 Players) With Dan Marriot

Late October 1916, the bloodiest battle in British military history still rages, a week ago a German gas attack devastated your section of the line, you lost some good men. Now orders have come down to retake the ground that was lost, simple enough right?
You are a unit sent over the top with special orders to investigate the enemy positions.

Rebirth (Homebrew System, 18+, 2-6 Players) With Phil Harris

In the town of Harrel things haven’t changed. The wheels of industry have kept turning. The world is still desperate. Yet now everyone has given birth to the same child. Genetics gone wrong, a planet on the brink, who can stop the inevitable.

Atop the Poppy Fields (Dredd, 15+, 2-5 Players) With Angus McEwing

War, as they say is hell. And for those that fought in the nightmare inspired trenches of WW1 there could not be a more accurate description.
Our tale will begin with a group of soldiers from a “Pals Battalion” as they near they end of their RandR in a small french town and return to the front.
Dread uses a Jenga tower to resolve conflicts and with the collapse of the tower causing the death or otherwise removal of the player’s character. By doing so it transfers the ever mounting tension that these soldiers would suffer to the players in a visceral and palpable way.

Sweet Dreams ( I Love The Corps, PG, 2-6 Players) With Christopher Dean

A Jurisdiction Squad Mission. It is 2450, and you are part of the Avalon Containment Division. An alien spaceship is drifting in Corps space. The vessel must be destroyed before evidence of the existence of a new sentient extraterrestrial species breaks out across the Dominion. But, before you do so, if there are any alien specimens to grab, the Corps wants one, dead or alive, and any advanced technology that can be scavenged would be a bonus. Unfortunately, with a bunch of misfits like Jurisdiction Squad, things are rarely so simple.
I Love the Corps is a sci-fi action/horror game, due for release in October 2017. It was successfully Kickstarted in September 2016. I’m a local, one-man game design team and this is my first game, so please come and give it a go if it sounds interesting!

Red Shirts ( Homebrew System, 15+, 3-6 Players) With Ben McCallum

When you signed on board the USS Enterprise, you thought it was the start of a bright career in the Galaxy’s most popular ‘reality’ tv show. Instead, you’ve found yourself part of a team of expendable Red Shirts. Your key job: To make sure that this week’s episode is exciting for all the viewers back home.
Along the way, Kirk expects you to arrange a princess for him to seduce, Spock needs to show off his intelligence and McCoy will complain for weeks if he doesn’t get to pronounce one of you dead. To make matters worse, you’ve got to manage all this without ever seeming to be more than dumb henchmen while the cameras are rolling.
Oh, and the episode broadcasts tomorrow. Live. Good luck.

1001: Jason’s war ( 1001 Tales, 15+, 3-6 Players) With Matthew Barrowcliffe

For Jason to receive a message from a friend to call upon the help of him and his band in righting an injustice was not unusual. To receive two such messages and have to choose which one to follow was not unusual either. To have two such messages from two mutual friends, would be a difficult choice to make. To have them be for aid in acting against one another would be a unique and unwelcome event, but unique and unwelcome events seem to bite at the heels of our hero.
Jason has arrived on the shores of the Aegean Sea between the towns of Gonnus and Meliboea where the two kings Azeus and Pyleus have started to form up their armies. The forces look even and there will be great losses on both sides if this is left to the Gods to decide, yet Jason and his friends could easily sway a side and rule the battlefield. But which of these two friends should he support, and why have these two staunch allies and brothers in arms come to blows? Is this battleground a trap of the gods? Or a trap of some mortal machinations?

Orks! ( Only War (40K RPG System), 15+,) With Adam Prior —

Elysium 6 is a world recently brought into the imperial fold it’s people eager for the imperial truth and deliverance. Now that the original purging of the populace has concluded the imperial forces and looking to consolidate their hold and the significant wild ork population on the southern continent has to be brought under control. Up until now those savages have been no match for the might of the Imperial Guard and the XXIst regiment of the Praetorian guard have been given the job of destroying them. Things have gone well until just a few days ago when the majority of the regiment were ambushed and destroyed by the orcs, now all that stands between the green skins and victory is a small detachment of troops defending a medical post. Can they hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive or will they be crushed under the weight of their attackers?

Babylon ReCall – A Blakes 7 Adventure ( The Code of the Spacelanes, PG, 2-6 Players) With Simon Burley

An adventure that never was based on the classic British TV Space Opera. The freedom fighting crew of the powerful, enigmatic, alien spaceship “Liberator” soon won’t be the only ones with access to the unbelievable technology of an ancient race.
The idea of Ancient Martians has always been something of an urban legend. Now – it seems – all the stories may have been true. “Something” has been unearthed on Mars. A secret so powerful it threatens to tear The Federation apart with civil infighting, with the victor gaining the ability to grind the galaxy under their heel. (Probably the spiked, white, leather heel of Supreme Commander Servelan.)
What’s needed is a brave, mad (suicidal) dash into Earth system – with its defence systems and fleets of Federation pursuit ships – to seize or destroy the enigmatic discovery from under the noses of the various Federation factions before it can foment a conflict that would envelop and kill millions of innocents.
Seven against the Federation. What else is new?
Play any character from any of the four seasons of the original series. What does it matter if Oleg Gan never met Del Tarrant? Jenna and Soolin would probably be fast friends! I’ve character details for all of them, but you’re free to amend them – if you think I’ve underestimated Blake’s leadership abilities – or design your own original Hero.
Played using my own THE CODE OF THE SPACELANES rules. Just 2d6, frighteningly easy, fast and fun – with magic happening every time you roll a double.

Pashkovskaya Nocturne ( Night Witches, 18+, 3-5 Players) With Pooka

There was a night bomber regiment in World War Two composed entirely of women. Natural-born Soviet airwomen.These 200 women and girls, flying outdated biplanes from open fields near the front lines, attacked the invading German forces every night for 1,100 consecutive nights. When they ran out of bombs they dropped railroad ties.
To each other they were sisters, with bonds forged in blood and terror. To the Red Army Air Force they were an infuriating feminist sideshow. To the Germans they were simply Nachthexen—Night Witches.
Night Witches is a tabletop role-playing game about women at war. As a member of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, you’ll answer the call of your Motherland in her darkest hour. Can you do your duty and strike blow after blow against the Fascists? Can you overcome discrimination and outright sabotage and rise above your sexist comrades? Are there limits to patriotism—or endurance? Play Night Witches and find out!

Make Your Own Luck ( 13th Age, 12+, 4-6 Players) With Mark Palmer

The town of Harrowdale holds a treasure. An army of trolls wants that treasure. You must hold the town until the Imperial dragon cavalry arrives. You’re outnumbered and your forces are outmatched – and to cap it all off,
they’ve got a secret weapon set to bring doom down upon you.
Relying on the old ways – on nothing but a strong sword and a lucky blow – won’t help you now. Time to make your own luck.

The Antiquaries of Mars ( Code of Steam and Steel, U, 3-6 Players) With Martin Pickett

Noted antiquary Eduardo Giovanni has assembled a team of like-minded individuals to help him hunt down the legendary Martian Sphere, a relic said to be embedded in a derelict dam somewhere in the shadow of Olympus Mons. But with the Sky Guard chasing them and the Great Green Horde encamped nearby, can the team retrieve the artifact and escape with their lives and their freedom?
A game of Scientific Romance and Steampunk adventure, set on the Victorian colony of Mars.

Goblins! ( OneDice Fantasy, 12+, 3- 5 Players) With Jamie Prentice

You are goblins, creatures whose short lives are destined to end either at the hands of low-level adventurers, in some dark mage’s experiments, or at the whim of a goblin chief. This chief wants you to go into the human town to cause trouble. Better do what he says.

Dropzone ( Homebrew System, 15+, 4-7 Players) With Alan Jackson

Join the colonial marines. See the galaxy. They said.
So when terraformer colony LV-426 stops communicating, guess who they send in to sort it out.
Yes, another big hunt.
Dropzone returns for its lucky 13th Conpulsion.