Saturday Evening RPGs

Running from 8pm-11pm. Get the matchsticks under the eyelids and show your fellow gamers what you are made of. You could even play something you bought earlier at the charity auction.

PRE-REG for these games HERE.
Stone cold crazy (Mage the Awakening, 18+, NO PRE-REG AVAILABLE FOR THIS GAME) With Dan Mariott

From the Council of Chicago comes a cabal of mages on the trail of the most notorious gangster Al Capone, but what supernatural dealings has he got involved with and why can’t the police make anything stick? You are the Untouchables cabal 5 mages tasked with bringing in this notorious gangster.

The Seethers in the Darkness (Conan 2d20,  12+, 3-5 Players) With Bill Heron

The player characters have been hired by a loquacious
scholar to accompany him on a quest for a lost ruin in the
desert southwest of Zamboula — a ruin no one has ever seen or heard of before.

American History: Field Trip Pt.2 ( Monsterhearts, 15+, 3-5 Players, A continuation of the afternoon game of the same name) With Martin Pickett

Mrs Bleak’s junior year American History class are going on an extra credit field trip to the Totopotomoy Creek and Cold Harbor Civil War battlefields. Some of you are trying to keep up your 4.0 GPA, while others need the extra credit to achieve a passing grade. No-one is happy to find out you have to give a group presentation at the end of the day, and that’s what you are going to be graded on.
A game of hormone-driven teenage monsters.
Part two of a two-session Monsterhearts game.

Inner Conflict  (Worlds of Wordplay,  18+, 3-6 Players) With Stephen McMorland

In this game you will each play a different aspect of a person’s persona, not all of them get along but the Psycheverse is being threatened by the monsters from The Id, from the rampages of Insanity and the last few Personae have been brought together to fight one last desperate battle to save their world – can you save yourself or will you fade to black?

Superhero Space Adventure Quest Mission ( Based on 13th Age, PG, 2-4 Players) With Tim Raspin

A crack team of superheroes blast off to investigate a prison break at Space Jail, but that’s just where the story begins…
This game is based on 13th Age- a crunchy d20 system which still allows for plenty of player creativity. Persons of a delicate disposition are advised that this game will contain dangerous quantities of bad supervillain puns.

Dropzone ( Homebrew, 15+, 4-7 Players) With Alan Jackson

Join the colonial marines. See the galaxy. They said.
So when terraformer colony LV-426 stops communicating, guess who they send in to sort it out.
Yes, another big hunt.
Dropzone returns for its lucky 13th Conpulsion.

The Legs of Time ( Feng Shui 2, 15+, 3-6 Players) With Matthew Hambley

Hong Kong is playing host to “Time Jester”, a middling Prog Rock band from the 70s, still touring. Not that most of Hong Kong is aware of this. To be honest, parts of the band are fairly fuzzy on the details.
Luckily they have you, their long-suffering but mostly good natured support crew to point them in the right direction.
The pay’s not great but you get to see the world and there’s always something interesting going on.