Looking to LARP at this year’s Conpulsion? Here’s this year’s selection:

Within The Walls, We Are Safe (Homebrew, PG,8-20 Players) With Kay Gillespie on SUNDAY MORNING

An Avatar: The Last Airbender LARP.
Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony, then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. The great Earth Kingdom city of Ba Sing Se has stood strong against the invading Fire Nation for the past 95 years. Talk of the war is silenced with the walls of the city. However, the war isn’t all the secret police are trying to keep quiet.
You are one of a number of guests invited to enjoy a history talk and a social gathering set in the Middle Ring of Ba Sing Se. Many people here are looking to network, gather information, or simply spend a night off with friends. And yet, there’s fewer of the nobility here than you thought there’d be, perhaps there’s something larger at play…
Remember, there is no war within the walls.

Juggernaut ( Juggernaut (freeform), 15+, 3-5 Players) With Ryan Leahy on SATURDAY EVENING and SUNDAY AFTERNOON

It is July third, 1950. The Korean War is eight days old. National Security Council Report 68 is sitting on Harry Truman’s desk, a grim outline of the Cold War that is to enfold the world for the next 40 years. Alan Turing’s paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” is circulating for review. Cinderella is a box office sensation.
And you have invented a computer that can see the future.
Theoretically, this computer was developed for code-breaking but the unstable geniuses behind JUGGERNAUT have come across some anomalous findings in the mathematics. Only experimental evidence can tell for sure, but it appears as though Juggernaut could be used to break ciphers before they are even created.
What follows [REDACTED].