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Pathfinder Organised Play and Demo Games

Pathfinder_RPGPlayed Pathfinder before? Great! Bring along your characters as we are going to have Pathfinder Society Organised Play at Conpulsion. Not played Pathfinder before? Still great! There will be demo games with pre-generated characters so that you can try it out.

In case you don’t know Pathfinder is an evolution of D&D 3.5 continuing under the Open Game License. It is very well supported both by Paizo its publisher and also by an army of devoted fans. It boasts an innovative persistent world via Pathfinder Society Organised Play which allows multiple parties to adventure and progress their characters in a shared world at official events.

If you want to know more, the best way to find out is to try it and where better than at Conpulsion. However if you really can’t wait until April,  our Pathfinder goodness is being provided in conjunction with the Scottish Pathfinder Society so you could always get in contact with them beforehand. They also run SPSX their Pathfinder gaming convention in Glasgow in September.