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Time Nazis Must Die

What’s worse than Nazis? Nazis with a stolen time machine that’s what!

GM: Simon Proctor

System: Timewatch

Players: 3-6 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: PG

Time: Saturday Afternoon (3pm to 6pm)

One of the most tedious and yet important jobs Timewatch agents get lumbered with is the Hitler protection detail.
Stopping well meaning new time travellers from killing Hitler is a job that gets handed round from team to team.
Except this time it just got worse because this time the Nazis got their hands on the time machine and are looking to change history.

A pulp race against and through time to track down and stop the time Nazis before they DESTROY HISTORY!


Some Instances at Junction Station

Its an open secret that The Hand run Junction Station, and a demonstration of their power that they can do so when everybody knows.

GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe

System: d6 Redux

Players: 3-6 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: 15

Time: Saturday Afternoon (3pm to 6pm)

Description: The Resistance is rising and the forces of the Federation are struggling to keep control over their faceless empire of bribery, deceit and propaganda. However the Resistance needs supplies, contacts and smuggling routes, and for that they need The Hand, or at least Junction Station.
Junction Station lies just outside the Federation territories and it is on a major conduit between the outer colonies and the Federation and it is rumoured to be not just a stop off point for trade, but also one for entertainments both legal and illegal. Officially it has a neutral corporate government, owned by a number of trading houses both independent and Federation owned.
The Resistance are about to have to ship supplies through Junction Station. They need you to find a safe route through and if necessary find out who is running the place and make sure they let your packages pass unchecked.


To Hades and Back

When your loved one is consigned to Hell there is really only one thing to do.

GM: Matthew Barrowcliffe

System: 1001 Tales (Homebrew)

Players: 3-6 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: PG

Time: Sunday Morning (extended, 10am to 2pm)

Description: When you lose your love to the whim of the gods there is only one thing you can do: Gather your friends and fight your way down into Hades to get them back. One hero of a Greek myth, lost to time, has decided to do this and they and their friends are going to succeed or there will be hell to pay.

This is a tale of action and adventure based partly on a mash up of Greek and Roman myths. It is an end tale of great heroes set in a world of fantasy, where gods play chess with the souls of their people, and any who stand up to them can be called Hero.

The Keepers of the Woods

Members of a London based literary and folklore society are drawn to a isolated, rural village on legend haunted Dartmoor by a friend’s death under apparently mysterious circumstances.

GM: Frederick Foulds

System: Trail of Cthulhu

Players: 2-5 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: 15

Time: Sunday Morning (extended) 10am to 2pm

January 1934 – Members of the Miscellany Society receive a letter from their friend, Margaret Blackwood, a professor of British folklore. It invites them to meet in the quaint Devonshire village of Postbridge, where she has made a discovery regarding “active worship of an ancient god”. Before they set off, however, the morning’s paper announces her death in a mysterious car accident, which some have attributed to a local ghost legend, known as the ‘hairy hands’.

*A selection of pre-gen characters will be provided. This scenario is geared more towards the Purist style of play for Trail of Cthulhu (think Graham Walmsley’s Final Revelation and Cthulhu Apocalypse).

On Betrayal

The Great Betrayer is to be summoned forth from the innermost circle of Hell and given form. The Knights Templar have something to say about it. Some of them at-least.


GM: Sandy Ryalls

System: Oxenfield (homebrew)

Players: 4-6 (pre-reg will be available)

Age: 12+

Time: Saturday Evening (8pm to 11pm)

The innermost circle of Hell is named Judecca for it’s guest of honour – The Great Betrayer. In the back stairs and halls of power of Europe the deals and preparations have been made to bring him forth from Below and grant him form.

A disavowed, ramshackle coalition of The Above stands against from the shadows. In Frankfurt it falls to a hastily assembled squad of knights of the perpetually fractious and eternally troubled Order of The Temple of Solomon

Beasts Take Rookshire

A small town near the City of Emeria there has seen an increase in attacks on people by savage beasts. The mayor of Rookshire is looking for adventures to investigate these attacks and put a stop to them

GM: Christopher Doherty

System: AGE

Players: 3 – 6 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: 12+

Time: Saturday Afternoon (3pm to 6pm)

Set in the Shattered world of Aether on the plane of Elysium there is a small town close to the City on the Border of the Civil lands called Rookshire. This small town has been plagued by killings and maiming of the towns people by savage monsters that the Rangers have not reported or even hunted. The Mayor out of desperation has sent a letter to the Gilded Rose Guild in Feragarde for assistance in investigating the attacks and if it is possible to stop the attacks through any means necessary. You are that group of guilders sent to a small lumber village close to the wild lands and the Frozen Steppes. What will your investigations uncover?

Pathfinder Organised Play and Demo Games

Pathfinder_RPGPlayed Pathfinder before? Great! Bring along your characters as we are going to have Pathfinder Society Organised Play at Conpulsion. Not played Pathfinder before? Still great! There will be demo games with pre-generated characters so that you can try it out.

In case you don’t know Pathfinder is an evolution of D&D 3.5 continuing under the Open Game License. It is very well supported both by Paizo its publisher and also by an army of devoted fans. It boasts an innovative persistent world via Pathfinder Society Organised Play which allows multiple parties to adventure and progress their characters in a shared world at official events.

If you want to know more, the best way to find out is to try it and where better than at Conpulsion. However if you really can’t wait until April,  our Pathfinder goodness is being provided in conjunction with the Scottish Pathfinder Society so you could always get in contact with them beforehand. They also run SPSX their Pathfinder gaming convention in Glasgow in September.