RPGs are at the heart of Conpulsion. There will be 30 or more games on offer, from D&D to bleeding edge Indie Gaming.

Games by timeslot:
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Slay the Dragon, Save the Princess

GM: Steve Ellis
The Great Red Dragon Carnifax has kidnapped Princess Hilda. The desperate King now offers you whatever your band of brave heroes demands in order to rescue the Princess and slay the Dragon. Old school adventuring with the …

BSG: Tauron Burning

GM: Steve Ellis
The Cylons attacked, and now the colony of Tauron is burning. You are a rag-tag band of refugees seeking to escape Cylon tyranny and you’ve missed the lottery for the last Raptor off-planet. What do you do …

Nobilis: The Fable of the City of Lost Tomorrows

GM: Steve McMorland
Nobilis is a game about anthropomorphic personifications of abstract or concrete concepts ruling over their Fantasy Kingdom and occasionally interacting with mortals as they and their masters fight a war against an implacable foe. Some potential futures …

Timewatch: The Great War of the Worlds

GM: Simon Proctor
Something is causing history to fall apart, something so bad it’s threatening to destroy TimeWatch itself. It’s 1914 and the world is being plunged into the last great war……


GM: Alan Jackson
An action packed mission for the Colonial Marines. A colony planet has stopped responding – now it needs your help. Of course, there is no such thing as aliens… is there?…

Blood and Gold

GM: Phil Harris
Researchers in Bolivia have found a symbol in an ancient tribal cave. The symbol is out of place, out of time, carved into the rock by lasers. More worrying is the fact an ancient organisation, thought dead, …

Discworld: Academic Exorcise

GM: Phil Masters
It has come to the attention of the governments of various cities that other cities besides Ankh-Morpork have recently acquired colleges of magic, and this is being tolerated. Therefore, it has become desirable. Therefore, the Sto Kerrig …

Regime Diabolique: Wine Cellar of Terror

GM: Dan Marriott
A friend of the musketeers has uncovered something odd whilst building his new extension to his wine cellar. What ancient secrets has he uncovered and what will you find? All for one and one for all!…

Shadowrun: Rails To Hell

GM: Adam Prior
Ok chummer, this one looks like a milk run. Mr Johnson wants you to hijack a train containing some new product or other and get it safely to a private station. Hey everybody likes a train job …


GM: Phil Harris
The Embers Institute In Reykjavik has disappeared. Simply winked out of existence leave a gaping, writhing black pit. Teams have been lost investigating the problem and now a group of specialists is being sent in to solve …

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