RPGs are at the heart of Conpulsion. There will be 30 or more games on offer, from D&D to bleeding edge Indie Gaming.

Games by timeslot:
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon
Saturday Evening
Sunday Morning
Sunday Afternoon

All games:

Doctor Who: The Future on Fire

GM: Craig Oxbrow
The Solvay Conference in 1927 played host to Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Schrödinger, Heisenberg, Planck, Bohr – and some less welcome guests as well… Familiarity with the setting handy but not essential. New players welcome.…

Mindjammer: Hearts and Minds

GM: Sarah Newton
One hundred years ago no one had even heard of aliens. Then the sightings began — uncanny lights by the Snow-Layer, anomalies on our radar, strange reports from lone farmers or the pithecines in the backwoods


GM: Hendrik Little
Three years ago, approximately ten thousand people, globally, gained varying and extra-physical powers. This was seen as a sensation or a disaster but eventually most people got on with their lives. But one mystery refused to go …


GM: Roderick Easton
What happens when you have a terrorist cell that you need information out of and they won’t talk? You put them to sleep of course. And then you send the interrogators into their shared dream. That is …

The Nevermore Job

GM: Steve Ironside
Dennis Ditmeyer has a problem. The company he sold his soul to for 20 years have stolen his designs and intend to sell to the highest bidder. Dennis wants his contractually-agreed cut, but they’ve fired him and …

Maelstrom Domesday – Trouble At T’Mill

GM: Graham Bottley
A demo of the new edition of the classic British RPG Maelstrom.…

Advanced Fighting Fantasy – The Wishing Well

GM: Graham Bottley
An introductory adventure for the new edition of the classic fantasy RPG.…

Death Watch

GM: David McIlhinney
In the Necropolis of Tanais, a sprawling city of the Dead, all is not well. The tombs of the poor are being robbed, the Priests of the Vulture-God look to their watch to find the desecrators. …

Indie Games Track

Organised by Gregor Hutton
There will be an Indie RPG Games Track at Conpulsion on the Saturday. Games will run in line with the main RPG slots at 10-1 and 3-6. We’ll have exciting Indie RPGs for you to try. …


GM: Phil Harris & Gregor Hutton
Places will be sold at the charity auction on Saturday evening…

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