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Preregistration Closes today

DeadlinesIf you bought an online ticket before sales closed yesterday and want to preregister for any role-playing games, talks or tournaments, today is your last chance. You will have received an email with details of how to preregister. Please ensure that you follow the instructions to preregister before midnight tonight (5/4/16).  If you like to plan your weekend in advance and ensure that you know what you are going to be doing, we need your preregistration details back today please.

We also are ensuring that there will be some spaces in every game and event available for signup on the day at Conpulsion (and you will be able to buy a ticket on the door if you don’t already have one priced at £10 per day or £15 for the weekend).

NB – The following games now have all their pre-reg slots filled and can now only be booked on the day: Ruin, Pampelmooses Revenge, Retired and Superpowered, Dropzone, Time Nazis Must Die (Sat PM), Desolation of the Heart, To Hades and Back, The Keeper of the Woods, The Tale of the Mermaid that Swam up the Styx.

Several others are nearing their limit and almost all games have at least a few players booked. Looks like its going to be a good convention for RPGs.

Iron GM 2.0 – The Ultimate Games Mastering Challenge

RPGsThe ultimate Games Mastering challenge is back in a new (improved?) format.

In the past the Iron GM has been create a game from a random assortment of GURPs supplements.  Now in Iron GM 2.0 we’ve introduced a drafting mechanic.  You get to pick from a “hand” of supplements then pass the remaining books to the next player.

There will be one more supplement per “hand” than there are players.

The supplements are drafted on the Saturday evening and and the game is then prepared for the Sunday morning RPG slot.

Games are scored by their participants and the GM with the highest average score is the Iron GM (2.0) of 2016. The winner and prize will be announced at the closing ceremony.

Good Luck!

Please note all participants of the Iron GM are expected to provide their own caffeine on Sunday morning.

Gods of Mars

Called to a dying planet, ravaged by conflict, your new, red-skinned body gives you the power to be a saviour or conqueror. Whichever you choose, the red sand before you offers promise of answers, action and adventure.

GM: Aaron Billingham

System: Hollow Earth Expedition

Players: 3-6 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: PG

Time: Sunday Afternoon

Called to a strangely-decorated room hidden deep inside a jungle temple, you search for a purpose that this world can’t offer you. Laying down on a red stone altar you fall asleep and the Earth itself falls into a dream. When you next wake you find yourself in a new body, one full of strength and new intelligence, and one whose is skin as red as the land that now surrounds you.

In strange contrast to the power of your new body the place you’ve woken up in contains only collapsed buildings and broken monuments that speak of an ancient purpose destroyed by brutal conflict. Despite your ruined surroundings you know this is the place you are meant to be. This world needs you to help put it back together, perhaps with kindness, perhaps with force.

Needing more answers you look to the red desert that surrounds you and hear a sinister voice on the wind that promises you glory. You’ll need to fight for it, and this planet’s alien inhabitants will try to use you for their own purposes, but the prize is ultimately Mars itself.

A Party Surprise

A mafia birthday party is gatecrashed, can the partygoers rescue the situation?

GM: Martin Pickett

System: D6 Adventure

Players: 2 – 4 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: PG

Time: Sunday Afternoon

Jake’s Jazz Bar, New York City, 1936.

Jake Donelli, the mafia boss, is hosting a party for his daughter Margarite’s 18th
birthday. All the movers and shakers of New York City are present.

Some uninvited guests crash the party with larceny on their minds. Can the players rescue the situation, or is disaster inevitable?

The Great Martian Tripod Race

Franklin is the first human tripod racer, but with his sponsor in a hostile takeover and the Martian racers out to stop him, can his team get him to the start line?

A game of Scientific Romance and Steampunk adventure on the Victorian colony of Mars.

GM: Martin Pickett

System: Code of Steam and Steel

Players: 3-6 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: PG

Time: Saturday Afternoon

Franklin is the first human competitor in tripod racing history, but his team has hit a few problems.

His corporate sponsor is tied up in a hostile takeover bid, so the money has dried up.

The Martian tripod racing clan is out to stop him, to keep tripod racing for Martians only. Who knows what dark deeds they will resort to?

As the members of Franklin’s race team, can can you overcome all obstacles and get him to the start line?

A game of Scientific Romance and Steampunk adventure, set on the Victorian colony of Mars.

Escape from Death Dungeon

Escape from the depths of the Black Mage’s dungeon, avoid the monsters, rescue the prisoners, and get even with BM!

GM: Jamie Prentice

System: Original(ish) D&D

Players: 3-5 (pre-reg will/will not be available)

Age Rating: 12

Time: Sunday Morning

You’ve arrived at the Black Mage’s castle, but things went awry, and now you find yourselves trapped deep underground, low on resources, and there are traps and dangers lurking everywhere! But there are people who need help, and revenge to be had!


Remember Aliens? Join the Colonial Marines on a trip to a mysterious colony planet.

GM: Alan Jackson

System: Homebrew

Players: 4-7 (pre-reg will be available)

Age Rating: 15

Time: Saturday Morning

Remember Aliens?
Join the Colonial Marines on a trip to a mysterious colony planet.
A Conpulsion stalwart. Drop zone returns for its 11th year.