Get Involved

A gaming con without games is no gaming con! If there’s something you’d like to offer to run, you will soon be able to fill in the form and we’ll be in touch. Multiple games? Just fill it multiple times!

Whilst Conpulsion is organised by the Conpulsion Committee, it is reliant on volunteer helpers – known as Blueshirts for the t-shirts they’re given – to ensure things run smoothly at the con itself. If you’re up for helping out, pop your details in here, blueshirt and demo-team registrations are also open.

Thank you for any assistance you would like to provide.


Game Submission For 2017 Now Open!

Calling all prospective GM’s!

26500580392_c97ab45809_bThe chance to submit a game (or games) for Conpulsion Battlegrounds is open!

Conpulsion is a wonderful opportunity for GMs of all varieties to ply their trade! So follow the link above, or navigate over to … Read more

Blueshirt Volunteering Sign Up

Fancy helping to run your favourite friendly gaming convention?

uncle-sam-wants-youVolunteer to join the ranks of the Blueshirts!

Blueshirt volunteers help with the general running of the convention over the weekend. Escorting guests, monitoring tickets and other noble, important tasks.… Read more