There was a time when there wasn’t much Star Wars.
I know, right? Inconceivable!
In a time after the Jedi had returned and then gone off to Broadway, but before the Empire had a blue heir rinse, the future of Star Wars could be found on the table top.
In this 40th Anniversary year, Image result for star warsStar Wars writer Iain Lowson, ably aided and abetted by award-winning Threepio and Artoo stand-ins Steve Ironside and Phil Harris (awards for their game stuff, not their droid impressions), explain how in the 1980’s West End Games saved the galaxy far, far away with a stellar RPG, the influence of which can be felt even now in Rogue One.
Iain will be covering the mythology, Phil is a shoe-in to discuss the often-troubled history of the company, and Steve the evolution of the system itself.
Spend those Force Points, roll the resulting bucket loads of D6s, and we’ll see you there, Star Warriors!