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6’s2Hit – Wargames Demos

 6s2hit6’s2Hit our local friendly wargames shop and cafe (an awesome cafe at that we might add), will be behind the wargames demos this year.

Amongst other offerings will be :

Bolt Action from Osprey, a WWII game that can play anything from small skirmishes to larger set-piece battles

Dungeon Saga, a classic micro-tactical dungeon bash.

And Age of Sigmar, Warhammer’s latest offering.

Drop by and learn how to play these and others.  You can find them in the Debating Hall from 10:00 to 18:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

YAY! Games

Frank's BodiesYAY! Games, creators of Frankenstein’s Bodies and Sandcastles, will be back at Conpulsion.  Not only will they be showing off these Conpulsion favourites (we liked Frankenstein’s Bodies so much we gave it a Griffie Award), they will be launching the Kick-starter for their latest game, Ominoes.

Find them in the New Amphion from 10:00 to 18:00 on Saturday and Sunday (with a brief disappearance whilst we grill them about games design).

Medusa Games

NineWorldsMedusa Games are bringing their latest offering , Nine Worlds, to Conpulsion along with their other titles Great Fire of London and Tinker, Tailor.

Nine Worlds is mysteriously described as a Norse themed game.  To find out more about the game you’ll have to swing by the demo area in the New Amphion.

In Great Fire of London, players are men of wealth and standing who own property around London. They can use the trained bands to fight the fire, use demolitions to destroy blocks of housing to prevent the fire flowing or turn a blind eye and allow the fire to spread and damage rival’s property. Victory can belong to the player with the most property left but putting out fires can give you a boost. In addition each player will have several hidden objectives which might include helping another player or protecting parts of the city.

Tinker Tailor is a role picking and set gathering card game for 3 to 6 players suitable as a Family Game or a light filler game. The aim of the game is to get the most points. Points are collected in the form of Money Cards or Good Cards.

The more Goods Cards a player owns (up to a maximum of 8) of a given type, the greater the value of the cards. Players also get a bonus for gathering a Collection of all 5 goods (Bread, Fish, Cloth, Wine and Gems).

Each turn each player will select one role which defines the action they can take.

The players who make the best choices and uses their actions to the greatest advantage will win the game.

You can find Medusa Games in the New Amphion on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00

Lantern – Journey in the Dark

Come along and play test Lantern.  winner of the Moray Game Jam 2016 Board Game by No Loading Required.

A game for 2 to  8 players, Lantern is a horror-themed game set in the 1920s where you play as a team of investigators exploring a consuming darkness that has fallen upon a remote village.

Your objective is to explore the darkness, collect the four relics and then make your way to perform a ritual and dispel the darkness. You only have one lantern between you to light the way and it gets passed around the players as the rounds progress; the lantern-bearer is buffed and is somewhat immune to the effects of the darkness.

Players may get separated from the main party and they will need to be found before they disappear forever. Players have a panic meter and their panic will increase and decrease as the game plays; the higher your panic, the more likely you are to react unexpectedly to different rooms and events. If your panic reaches its maximum then you run off into the darkness and are consumed by it, becoming a monster in the dark. You then begin to play against the remaining investigators and your new objective is to stop them from dispersing the darkness.

Cari and the No Loading Required team can be found at Conpulsion on Saturday .  They will be in the Balcony Room from 10:00 to 13:00 and in the Loft Bar from 13:00 until late.

How To Get Your Free Astral Peace Badge At Conpulsion

Drop in on the Astral Peace stand at Conpulsion and the designer will demonstrate his new game of interstellar strategy and reward you with a free badge.

In Astral Peace you are propelled into a desperate grab for resources as you compete to forge peace in a hostile region of stars. Unlike most strategy games, the goal in Astral Peace is not to destroy your opponents but to elicit treaties from them. To win, you must become an ally of every other player in the game.

Astral Peace is a tile based board game for 2 to 4 players (2 to 8 players when 2 games are combined) and is suitable for ages 10 and up. The game normally retails for £30.00 but will be available on Kickstarter and at Conpulsion for the early bird price of £25.00.

Make sure you visit the demonstration early as badges and games will be limited in number.

You can find Tom and the Astral Peace team from in the Balcony Room from 13:00 to 15:00  on Saturday and in the Loft Bar from 10:00 to 13:00 on Sunday.

Bad Cat Games

BadCat Games – a new Scottish indie game design company is seeking your feedback on our first two game titles.

ElemenZ is a quick tactical dice game for 3-4 players with lush artwork and some lovely custom dice. Four alien races face off in a wild energy duel, aiming to be the last one standing; crowned the Master Zee. ElemenZ is an ideal filler game for families, casual gamers and anyone wanting a great tactical dice-off!

Gladiatores by contrast is a combat card and betting game steeped in theme and realism. Up to 5 players control a school of gladiators, pitted against each other in deadly close combats in successive events. But what secret deals have been made before hand by their owners, who is betting on whom to win or lose and can your gladiators survive to become crowd favourites in the events leading to the great Arena Maximus? Golden Laurels and heaps of denarii can be won in this fast action combat game. Why is it different to other arena combat games? Come and find out, play the demos and let us know what you think!

BadCat Games will be found in the demo areas of our convention across the weekend.  The Balcony Room on Saturday Morning, The New Amphion on Satuday Afternoon and all of Sunday.