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Game Pre-Reg and Online Tickets – CLOSED ūüôā

Hello lovely people, online ticket sales and Pre-Reg have now closed. This is to allow us to perform the admin associated with these tasks in plenty time for this weekend. Fear not though! Tickets will still be available on the door. Pre-Reg will still be available at the sing-up desk. Yayy!

(GM”s if you still want to run a game but missed the deadline, you can turn up with one on the day. We can’t advertise these “pick-up” games on the site or in the programe, but players can still sign up on the day! Yayy!)


Hi all, Just a reminder…
To allow us here at Conpulsion to assemble ticket lists and finalize pre-reg numbers ahead of the convention this weekend. We will be looking to close both online ticket sales and online pre-reg at 6PM on the 5th of April.
Tickets will still be available on the door and players will be able to sign up for games on the day at the sign-up desk.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Con Team 17

Game Location Clarifying Note

Hi All,

A few people have been in contact to query the location of given games, as such here is a clarification:

All games with a “U” age rating will be held within Teviot. They will take place in the open gaming spaces within the building. This is to allow for those players who sought out these games for their universal suitability to run in a space separate from the more “mature” games.
ALL other RPG session games (Apart from the Saturday Evening slot) will take place in Pottorrow Dome.

This information will also be in the physical programme on the day. But just a heads up for those interested.  Looking forward to seeing you all.

Con Team 17

SPECIAL RELEASE: 1001 Tales by Matthew Barrowcliffe

For the 1st time ever, here at Conpulsion 2017, Matthew Barrowcliffe will be revealing the beautiful print edition of his game system 1001 Tales!

These gorgeous tomes are limited in number, with only 50 existing in the whole wide world! Matthew will be offering a number of these for sale over the weekend, and has also donated a very special boxed edition (with counters and a presentation box) for our charity auction! ¬†Matthew will also be running a number of games over the weekend using this lovingly created system…. Don’t miss out!

Displaying 2017-03-04 Matthew's book - proof copy 1.jpg

GUEST: Gary Buckland

Gary is a first time guest for 2017!

In his own words…

I started gaming in 1984, having been introduced to it through Fighting Fantasy and the D&D Basic Red Box.
Within a year I’d discovered MERP and Traveller.

Displaying tumblr_oempvuQjwt1tt3zuyo1_500.jpgI’m a Fine Art graduate and have spent my adult life working in graphic design, the book trade and as an art tutor.

I’ve been providing illustrations and book covers for Cakebread & Walton for some years now and have recently become their third, in which capacity I am overseeing the layout and design of C&W publications.As well as some future writing and prodding the other two awake when needed.

Gary will be appearing on panels and enjoying his first Conpulsion.