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Griffie Winners 2016

Griffies AwardsConpulsion are proud to announce the winners of the Griffies, the games voted best new games of the year at Conpulsion Underworld in 2016.

The winners in the four categories are:



Best Board Game: Astral Peace by Tom Sudall

Best Card Game: Sandcastles by Yay Games

Best Roleplaying Game: The Dracula Dossier by Pelgrane Press

Best Miniatures Based Wargame: X-Wing The Force Awakens by Fantasy Flight

Many congratulations to the winners, feel free to use your Griffie award and the symbol above in any promotional material. Happy gaming to everyone else.

Gaming in and Around Edinburgh

QuestionSo Conpulsion Underworld is over. What other gaming is on in and around Edinburgh between now and Conpulsion Battlegrounds in 2017?

Well there is lots of lovely stuff going on and the Conpulsion team have a little list for you

Clubs and Societies in Edinburgh

For a whole lot of tabletop roleplaying goodness there are GEAS and ORC.

LARPers are well served by No Rest for The Wicked, Fools and Heroes, The Embraced, and Isles of Darkness.

For board and card games there are FAQ and Edinburgh Board Gamers.

Those seeking wargames have ELG and SESWC to choose from

Events in and around Edinburgh

Over in Glasgow a brand new event called Play Expo Glasgow kicks off this year with electronic, tabletop and other forms of games to enjoy. Dates are 11-12 June 2016 at Braehead Arena.

SESWC run Claymore a large Wargames convention, generally on the first Saturday in August. This year it is Saturday 6th August at Edinburgh College’s Granton Campus.

The Glasgow Games Fair is a great day out in November (probably) with open gaming  and demonstrations of new games. We are guessing it will be in Glasgow!

Propulsion is a charity 24 hour role-playing marathon run by GEAS early in the year in Edinburgh, watch the website for details.

Edinburgh ComicCon will doubtless be back next year though we don’t have dates yet

And then it will be Conpulsion again, the theme next year is Battlegrounds (we’ve done all the vowels, its onto consonants now). If you want to get involved next year or even just go on the mailing list to stay informed of developments please send an email to

Traders in and around Edinburgh

6s to Hit have lots of lovely wargames tables and run game specific events at regular intervals. They sell a wide variety of wargames and lovely food too.

The Games Hub have an extensive boardgames library, gaming PCs and a programme of gaming events. They also sell nice food and various gaming products

Black Lion run a variety of card games nights and sell boardgames, card games and roleplaying games.

Tabletop Cafe sell boardgames and nice food and run a variety of games nights

Murphy’s Vault specialises in Magic, selling packs and individual cards and providing play space.

Blackwells Books have a selection of boardgames and occasional boardgames nights

Red Dice Games only sell online but as they are Edinburgh based and came to the convention we have popped them on the list

Knightly Gaming are not based in Edinburgh but run a lively programme of gaming events in sunny Lanark. Especially good if you are interested in Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh

The Warhammer shop sells some nice paints and something called Age of Sigmar.

Gaming opportunities we missed…

If you think we have missed anything that should be on this list, please feel free to contact us with a web address and one line description for other clubs events and stores.

And finally …

We hope to have dates for Conpulsion 2017 really soon. Keep checking the web page for details. If you would like to be a trader, games demonstrator, guest or volunteer at Conpulsion Battlegrounds in 2017 however, there is no need to wait, contact us right away and we can put you on our mailing list so that we can be in touch as soon as we have dates.



beerWell Conpulsion Underworld is finished and what a great convention it was. We hope you all had a lovely time.

We would like to thank all our guests, helpers, GMs, volunteers, demonstrators, traders and the lovely people who attended to play games and enjoy the rest of the convention.

We raised over £1700 for the Grassmarket project (exact sum to follow and that figure does not include the fire sale).People played a lot of games, listened to a lot of talks, bought and sold a load of stuff and had a lot of fun. Winners of competitions will be posted later once we recover 🙂

The organisers are off for a beer now (feel free to join us in the Kilderkin on the Royal Mile from 12 noon on Monday 11th April). Check back later in the week for  a list of fun ideas for more gaming  in Edinburgh and news on the dates for next year’s Conpulsion Battlegrounds.

Conpulsion Underworld Programme and Schedule Available Online

sidebarWe know you folks are eager to know what is going to be on at this year’s Conpulsion Underworld, so we have produced online copies of the Conpulsion Programme and the At A Glance Schedule and they are available now.

The printed versions on the day will differ very slightly. The printed Conpulsion Programme will have some pretty artwork and the printed At A Glance Schedule will also have a map of Teviot and your Griffie Vote Registration on the reverse. However the web versions are optimised for small file size to avoid overworking our web serving imps too badly.

So what are you waiting for? You can see all the awesome stuff we have, go buy your tickets now.