Conpulsion Underworld

ticketsConpulsion Underworld will be running on 8-10th April 2016 at Teviot Row House and Potterow in Edinburgh. We plan to have something exciting for everyone, no matter whether you prefer table top or live action role-playing games, war games, board games or collectible card games. We will keep you updated with all our news as we confirm events.

The organising committee are already hard at work, booking guests, traders, artists, and demonstrations of brand new games. The theme this year is Underworld so no matter whether you like games about demons, gangsters, vampires and werewolves, or just a good old-fashioned dungeon bash, we have you covered.

Situated in the heart of Edinburgh, Conpulsion is Scotland’s oldest, largest[1] gaming convention, proudly hosted annually by GEAS, the University of Edinburgh Roleplaying Society, in association with FAQ, the University of Edinburgh Card and Board Game Society.

Tickets and t-shirts are available now – click here to get yours! Tickets cost £10 in advance for the weekend (£15 for the weekend or £10 for a day ticket on the door), and t-shirts are £5. Please keep an eye on this page as we anticipate that there will only be 1200 tickets available for Conpulsion Underworld due to venue capacity.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss running an event at Conpulsion Underworld please get in touch.