Autumn 2016 Rooms

Sunday afternoons 12:30 pm, Teviot Study.
Sunday Evenings 6:30, Teviot dining room.

Wednesdays are … complicated.
October 5th, we are homelesly wandering the Teviot.
From October 12th, we have space at the Kilderkin Pub. Though we can always try to use public space in the Teviot.

Games start 28th September and Sunday October 2nd.

Game re-starts (the best time to join, re-join or change or start games) on the 6th and 9th of November.

AGM and committee elections

As usual, Conpulsion & Events coordinators will be deferred until the next academic year.

Propulsion raises almost £300 for the Edinburgh Sick Kids Foundation.

Committee elections:
President! Angus McEwing continues his reign as eternal president.
Secretary! Tudor Ferariu re-elected. 
Treasurer! Erich Essmann persists in failing to embezzle our funds. 
Social! Joe ‘don’t vote for me’ Foster, Jason Ebblewhite & Gregor ‘a vote for me is a vote for Trump’ Hutton all nominated for the popular post of ‘piss up in a pub’ organiser. Jason won the knock down, drag out brawl that followed. 
Wellness! Faye ‘happiness is mandatory’ Sutherland continues to look after us all.  
Web! Alan Jackson continues the reign of minimalist maintenance.  
Librarian! Sam McDouall renewed in post. 

Short term games:
The vote on the contentious ‘6 week games’ occurred. The motion tabled is for the voluntary version, where games will be re-pitched every 6-8 weeks, with continuing players having priority. This would be extended to all slots. This motion passed after extended discussion. 

Rooms 2016

For the second semester here are our room bookings:

Firstly wednesdays:

From To Room
Jan 20th Jan 27th Teviot Dining Room
February 3rd March 2nd No Room – meet in teviot and find space
March 9th April 13th Teviot Dining Room
April 20th April 27th No Room
May 4th May 18th Teviot Dining Room


From To Afternoon Evening
Jan 17th Jan 31st Teviot Study Teviot Study
Feb 7th Teviot Dining Room Teviot Dining Room
Feb 14th Teviot Study Teviot Study
Feb 21st Feb 28th Potterrow Dome Pleasance Pentland
March 6th March 27th Teviot Study Teviot Study
April 3rd No Room No Room
April 10th Potterrow Dome No Room
April 17th May 15th Teviot Study Teviot Study

Sunday evening short game pitching will be on Jan 17th and March 6th.

Apologies that they are a bit chaotic, with half of the pleasance out of commission its very tight.

AGM – shuffling the chairs on the titanic.

  1. Room bookings this year have been problematic. This has been due to EUSA’s variability in handling/Mia handling bookings.
    • Letter to go to EUSA to complain
    • Examples include Propulsion, Strictly come Larping & and Wednesdays @ pleasance. 
  2. Money Report
    • We have some
    • Small come, smaller expenses.
    • Conpulsion accounts to come after Conpulsion
  3. Election of Officers
    • President: Angus McEwing continues his reign as eternal President.
    • Treasurer: Erich Essmann departing, replaced by Sam Myers.
    • Secretary: Ruth Gray departing, replaced by Tudor Ferariu
    • Webmaster: Alan Jackson continues his tenure of apathetic mismanagement. 
    • Social secretary: Marlene standing down, will operate until end of term. 
    • Events Coordinator: Sam Myers remains in post until an EGM in April/May. 
    • Librarian: Sam Macdowell confirmed in post. 
    • Conpulsion Liason: Euan Reid confirmed in post. Will present a candidate Conpulsion Committee by the end of May. 
  4. Other Business
    • Suggestions of a formal change to voting/election procedures to include a no confidence option of some sort. To be formally tabled at the EGM in April/may.

March Room Bookings

Greetings Grand Adventurers,

As those of you that rolled at least 2 successes on your perception+alertness rolls will have noticed we have not been given rooms for a lot of the evening sessions in March.

We have attempted to address this as best as possible as follows.

8th March: Dining Room, Teviot from 1930-2300 (This is a later start than normal, we apologise for this)
22nd March: Ochil, Pleasance from 1830-2200. There is also NO booking of the Middle Reading Room this week.
29th March: Ochil Pleasnace from 1830-2200

These last two will not have capacity for all our games. If you could speak to myself sometime before these sessions so I can establish who will be gaming in Ochil and who is happy/capable of gaming at an extra-society location.

Sunday afternoons will continue to be in the Teviot Study, and Wednesday Evenings in the Pleasance (lomond & others)

Also be aware that we have an AGM on the 8th March, this will be in the Study immediately after the afternoon session finishes at 1715.

Spring 2015 Events

The first wednesday back after the christmas break is the 14th of January.

We do not yet have room bookings confirmed yet, however we have requested the Study on both the Wednesday and Sunday, however this has not been confirmed yet.

Propulsion should be on saturday the 31st of January, further details to come.

Conpulsion (which is CONPULSORY) is friday the 3rd of April to sunday the 5th.

The Student nationals are friday the 27th of march til sunday 29th. In leicester, details to follow.

Strictly Come Larping! our awesome event of vampire ballroom larp dancing…. is Saturday the 7th of Febuary.

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