Semester 2 Games

If you’d like to see your game here, drop us an email and I’ll edit this post to include yours too.

If you’d like to join any of these games, or check availability, email us and we’ll hook you up with the GM in question.

Wednesday Afternoons-

GM: Jakub. “The game is going to be a mini-campaing (about 6 sessions) with chances of continuation if players want it (and I have enough time). The campaign is inspired by and mostly follows the example of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series, especially first part “Gunslinger”. PC will take part in the story closesly related to the first part of the book – chase after the evil sorcerer and several adventures connected to it.
The mechanic I use is Spellslinger d20 which connects wild west and fantasy/magic settings. With a few modifications I believe it fits pretty good to the setting. I am going to make it a low magic dark fantasy with quite a bit of shoot-outs and some choices with grim consequences to be made. I can also describe the world and mechanics in more details if needed.”

(Hopefully there’ll be more games up here super soon!)

Thankyou, Sam (GEAS President)

5 thoughts on “Semester 2 Games

  1. There is a lack of players I think as I am running a game at that time and I struggled to get the current three or four I have – I’d appreciate it if you didn’t try and poach my players either. 🙂

  2. Hi Stephen,

    I’m not trying to poach your players. The GEAS committee is there to help GMs who want to find players find players, and players who want GMs to find GMs It is easiest for the long term standing of GEAS to start making games lists of who needs players. If potential GEAS members see this list they are more likely to approach us to join.

    I understand there has been a drop off in numbers. This list is not designed to ‘poach’ players, or step on anyone’s toes. It is an open list, so if you wish to advertise (as I said on Sunday) just let me know and I’ll pop you up.

    I’m currently doing advertising and recruitment drives for GEAS because sadly we do need lots more players so that everyone can have their first choice in what they’d like to play. Being open and transparent to the current members (and hopefully future!) members of GEAS is part of this.

    The refresher’s fair is tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll find some players. Rest assured that I AM doing my best to boost GEAS’s attending numbers again.

    (GEAS President)

  3. Hi.

    I’m a visiting student at the University for this semester – I’d be interested in playing in that game (and/or others). Do you still need more players? Who ought I to contact?

    -David Witzling

  4. Hi, I’ve passed on your contact details to the GM and he says he’s ready to go with character gen.
    If you have anymore questions, pass them on to, and someone will help you.

    Sam (GEAS President)

  5. Ah, it would seem I can’t work out how to find your details. Give me ( an email and I’ll pass them onto the GM


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